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Dental Public Relations and DDS Social Media Solutions

We have all seen the mess that can occur overnight in dental. Fear spreads quickly in dental. We were recently at the CDA and ADA shows and heard so much about corporate restructuring and mergers regarding (unnamed) dental manufacturers. Many rumors were floating around layoffs and poor internal reports, fueling dental dealers and distributor concerns around losing life-blood contracts.

What’s the net effect or poor PR online?

Reality: These things tend to be Public relations nightmare come true, reflect in quarterly numbers and often need to be solved by fresh pair of eyes, beyond the boardroom, in-house marketing department and beyond the reach of the shareholders. That’s where we come in. Beyond press releases and your social media interactions, PR is usually needed when there is a business threatening problem. When you have a marketing tragedy, you need to connect with a team with experience. Whether it is the B.B.B, Rip Off Report, hungry attorneys, the negativity of the blog-o-sphere or just social media gone wild – we can help. Your business will need to recover from whatever negative content is occurring and make a statement that resonates within the marketplace and offer assurance to your current and potential customer bases. I suggest you take a breath and drop us an email. We have experience in saving digital lives online, week by week and year by year. Don’t let your competition define your business within the dental digital space