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Cutting-Edge Search Optimization or (SEO/SEM/SMO) for the Dental Industry

The Dental Marketing Tradition:
Let’s face it, the dental industry and the dental marketing space is behind the times with regard to digital. That’s why Wave7 offers exclusive dental marketing experts to our partners. We get it. The demographic and modelling is clear, it’s a paper mailer, post card and flyer world. Our dental partners are literally addicted to paper! Here’s the problem, paper and snail mail are being phased out with engagement and returns clearly diminishing.


A Digital Marketing Search Alternative:
So what’s the big deal about SEO (google search optimization to be specific). What about SEM or Search Engine Marketing? These options are without a doubt the most non user friendly and costly options available. As a supplement, they are a must have for any DDS or dental vendor. The good news: Healthcare SEO and SEM opportunities are plentiful and the most valuable, stable marketing tactics available. SMO or Social Media Optimization (Facebook and Linkedin optimization essentially) are your other side of coin. When it comes to organic online engagement, social is king and if you aren’t proficient at it, you will pay dearly via your long-term digital marketing footprint. These options are powerful but can be costly. So how does a marketing company mitigate your budgetary risks? Geo-location marketing.


The Wave7 Dental Marketing strategy is Geo-Targeting and Digital:
We do it differently. We focus on local digital marketing with geo-location in focus. We are always live, in your pocket and on your desktop. We are marketing gurus who search out innovative and fresh new ways to find low-competition options. We target your dental audience and market via innovative search, social, mobile platforms, local search, web, display traffic and much more.


Your Dental Competition Is Going Digital, Are You?
Can your business be found and can you offer your target audience a free checkup, a 2+1 promo or a sample of the latest your product line? If not, your marketing strategy needs a major shift. It’s time for SEO to be competitive. In reality, all websites need traditional SEO in order to regulate their web visibility. Organic Search Engine Optimization can be measured by natural or organic placement in results pages or serps. For keyword insertion, keyword analysis, link building for link popularity, appropriate content for readers and backlinking, an EXPERT is required to navigate your dental digital marketing landscape. We are that expert and we can offer your business “results” with organic SEO opportunities for far less a financial commitment than those outside of the dental space. Our digital marketing experts:

• Create credible backlinks for your web pages and web properties

• Research, generate and insert appropriate keywords for competitive site content

• Carryout keyword analysis and draw conclusions to generate engagement

• Write suitable content to link with potential keywords and digital customer requests


If you are ready to invest in your business, all of these sophisticated and technical steps will help your dental website attain the right spot on the first page, where almost all valuable search traffic exists. We are experts at improving and creating organic SEO for your digital properties in effort to set your DDS or dental vendor website apart from the others. Our goals are to generate a solid traffic base and provide stable digital business growth, long-term and measurable.

Wave7 Dental Marketing Consultant know how to produce results quickly and without the financial risk. It’s just what we do and we enjoy every moment of it.


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