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Social Media Marketing for Dental, Medical and Ancillary Healthcare

Contrary to common belief, the dental industry is no different with regard to social media marketing tactics. What are your dental patients, clients or partners up against with new social media and mobile connection technology? It’s highly specialized, complicated, constantly evolving. While being chalk full of competition, the sophistication of social media marketing campaigns within the dental marketing space will continue to act as a barrier of entry for novice dental marketing consultants. With that said, can an expert dental marketing consultant make a difference within dental? Yes! Social media is where all of the people are but they aren’t necessarily looking to make an instant purchase or become an immediate lead. Rather, they need something of a targeted dental campaign journey during their engagement with digital properties. This is where we come in. We focus on engagement, tracking and remarketing while with a firm foundation within social media connection. We have a PhD in manipulating social media channels for our clients and continue to pioneer new social avenues in achieving our partners financial, connection and branding goals.